IP commercialisation grants available

The Sussex Innovation Centre currently has grants available to support the commercialisation of intellectual property.

IP Grants are available to support knowledge-based SME businesses to cover 3rd party costs in the development of their own innovations. IP Grants are for a maximum of £5,000 net of VAT or a maximum of 50% of the direct 3rd party costs, whichever is smaller. You do not need to be a member of Sussex Innovation in order to access this grant.

What can I use the IP grant for?

There are a wide variety of situations where the funding can be applied to help bridge the gap to reaching an established business proposition, for example:

  • Reviewing pre-existing patents for similar market propositions
  • Filing a patent for a new technological innovation or invention
  • Trademarking brand properties and imagery for consumer goods
  • Product stability testing, kitemarking and meeting regulatory compliance standards
  • Manufacturing a proof of concept or prototype prior to seeking IP protection
  • Undertaking research to develop or secure new IP

What can't I use the IP grant for?

  • Software development costs
  • Market research costs
  • Marketing of new products

If your business is interested in applying for an IP grant, find out more and enquire here.