Sussex Innovation is open for business - easing lockdown in Croydon

We have altered our space to make our Croydon hub 'Covid secure', and we'll be ready to welcome you back when the time is right for your business.

If you and your team are planning for your return to the office, this article outlines our plans for ensuring that our spaces are Covid-19 secure, and our specific health and safety requirements of tenants and visitors. A similar article for tenants based at the Sussex Innovation Centre in Falmer can be found here. For best practice guidance around managing your employees' return to work, click here.

Social distancing at Sussex Innovation

Since the announcement by Government of the first steps towards easing the lockdown, we’ve been working hard completing the Covid-19 risk assessment and making our spaces Covid-19 secure. You can access the full risk assessment document for Sussex Innovation Croydon here. We have based our assessment on the Government advice for offices and contact centres, and recommend conducting a similar review of your own workspace within the building. We are now pleased to announce that we are reopening our doors to tenants as of Monday 1st June.

Please be considerate in phasing your team's return to the office, ensuring that we can safely continue to meet social distancing requirements in the buildings. We also require that all tenants show respect and consideration for everyone else who uses our space, by reading and following the guidelines below.

For our part, these are the new measures that you can expect to see when you next visit our space:

  • We have conducted a thorough deep cleaning of all corridors and shared spaces. We have doubled our cleaning resources, and a cleaning crew will be visiting the site daily to ensure proper hygiene measures continue to be followed.
  • A one-way system will be clearly signposted around both corridors, with floor markings to demonstrate safe distances. We appreciate that this will mean moving around the building will take longer, but it is necessary to ensure we all adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • We request that all business owners, employees and visitors wear face coverings while in the common areas of the building. Please bring your own if you can - disposable masks are available from the Reception desk.
  • Lifts in the building will be limited to 2 people per journey, and lift users will need to stand facing away from each other in adherence with guidelines. Both staircases are now one-way up and down, connecting with the one-way system and signage on the 6th and 11th floors. We are in constant communication with the building management and as more people start to return, we may need to arrange staggered arrival times for employees to ensure that the lifts and stairwells remain safe for everybody to use.
  • The reception area now includes floor markings demonstrating a safe distance from the desk. Our booking and check-in systems have been updated for contactless booking, and please contact reception by phone, email or Slack where possible to avoid face-to-face contact.
  • Toilets have vacant/engaged signage, with each block to be used by only one person at a time - if the block is engaged, please queue at a safe distance. Building management has requested that tenants do not travel to toilet blocks on other floors in the building.
  • Crockery and cutlery have been temporarily removed from the shared kitchen areas and dishwashers will not be in use, so please bring mugs and packed lunches from home if you plan to eat or drink while in the office. Please do not visit the kitchen area to prepare your own hot drinks - Kate will prepare tea and coffee to order.
  • The main entrance and exit doors on each floor will be held open throughout the day. Hand sanitizer has been placed in all shared spaces - please use it before and after touching door handles, switches, printers and other high-frequency touchpoints.
  • Desk space in the hotdesk room has been reduced and the space will be cleaned down each evening. If you are a virtual member planning to use it, please be sure to book via reception in advance, so that we can ensure an appropriate number of people are using the room at any time. 
  • Meeting room capacity has been reduced - please observe the maximum number of meeting attendees signposted on the doors.
  • Furniture in the shared spaces has been thinned out and moved to a safe distance - please do not move the chairs or benches closer together.

Social distancing at Sussex Innovation

Safety, security and employee wellbeing are clearly the most important concerns for businesses as they start to return to work, but what we have been hearing loud and clear from our community is that flexibility will also be a priority for you. This pandemic has had a different effect on every business, and we appreciate that many of our members will be reviewing their requirements - please talk to us if we can be of assistance.

That's why we've revisited the packages that we offer our tenants at Sussex Innovation, to support you as you establish what the 'new normal' looks like for you. So, whether:

  • You're looking for additional overflow office space so that your whole team can return to an office base and reconnect;
  • You're looking to temporarily or permanently move to a smaller office as you work out what your future business model and working arrangements look like;
  • You're planning to deliver more of your work remotely, but still want a space and community to be your 'home away from home'

...we've created options to suit you. Please contact Saffron if you'd like to explore the different working arrangements that are available.