Corporate innovation network

How do you innovate from the inside, without disrupting what makes you successful?

It’s difficult finding space to experiment within a large organisation. When your working practices are long established and built around consistency of delivery, there’s little opportunity to try out new ideas and changes of direction. But in the corporate world, standing still can sometimes look like going backwards.

If you want to keep your business from falling behind the competition, Sussex Innovation can help. We’ll challenge your model just as we would any start-up, present you with new ideas, technologies and products, introduce you to talented, thought-provoking people and offer you an environment to foster innovation.

Intrapreneurship and R&D consulting

A dynamic and flexible space for cross-fertilisation between companies

Mix with hundreds of innovative companies and thousands of entrepreneurial people.

Basing project groups independently at one of our incubation hubs breaks the constraints of the corporate environment and encourages more agile, entrepreneurial behavior to flourish. The results are faster development, increased value and increased innovation.

A key feature of Sussex Innovation is that all of our members are involved in developing new ideas. This creates a dynamic and vibrant community of entrepreneurs, technologists, creative designers and scientists. Some of the most exciting new projects result from the transfer of ideas across different sectors.

Access to the University of Sussex

A world-leading research institution, the University of Sussex is home to cutting edge theory and practice, and groundbreaking technologies. Our position as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the University offers unparalleled access to a wide-ranging academic community, new breakthroughs in R&D, and a skilled and highly motivated pool of students and graduates.

Access to the latest product innovation

If you’re looking for the next big thing, a new product or service that could add value to your organisation, then Sussex Innovation can help identify new products, services and technologies.

Our portfolio of companies and track record of working closely with entrepreneurs and corporate clients to deliver introductions and value means that we’ve become a powerful innovation facilitator with an active pipeline of new projects.

Access to a worldwide innovation network

Building knowledge, sharing experience, gaining international market and customer feedback are all important factors for success when extending sales worldwide.

Our networks will provide you with credible links to many sources including international partner organisations, corporate clients, government support agencies as well as other successful entrepreneurs, all with vast experience to share.

Breakout space to host focused sessions

The first step to changing your mindset is changing your physical surroundings. Break from routine and get your team thinking creatively by making use of a fully innovative, collaborative space. Our seminar and boardroom facilities offer the perfect environment for training days, seminars and workshops – and we can help you to partner with experts to challenge your thinking, facilitate project development or shape a new initiative.

Talk to us

Whether you want to give your R&D a shot in the arm, or are planning to launch a disruptive new product onto the market, give us a call to find out how we can help your organisation go further.
Call +44 (0) 1273 704400 and ask to speak to David Porter or Peter Lane.