The Brighton Summit

  • 08:30 AM - 06:00 PM
  • General
  • £65 - £115
  • Brighton

On the 12th of October, The Brighton Summit returns for another conference designed for local entrepreneurs. This conference brings together the diverse community of Brighton in an exciting and innovative environment.

Brighton is a unique city. Its residents are surrounded by an atmosphere of creativity, optimism and vibrancy… the businesses that develop within these environments tend to adopt these ideologies and are built from fresh perspectives and ideas.

Inspired by Brighton’s vibrant personality, this year’s theme of the Brighton Summit is ‘Look Up’. This refers to creating opportunities where someone else would see an issue or obstacle. ‘Look up’ invites you to engage with other possibilities and not just focus on ourselves or what’s right in front of us. It invites you to look in different places and co-operate with the now. Embracing all which is around you and in true Brighton-fashion, nurturing difference and creativity.

Hosted by Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce, the day will encompass and champion the spirit of Brighton. You will learn from organisers and local business people how this region takes its dynamic nature into business. There will be expert speakers giving inspirational talks, workshops and a whole load of exciting activities unusual to a business conference. You will learn about different skills and techniques to fulfil your business vision, how to develop the confidence which is required to succeed and network with like-minded business people.

The Brighton Summit is for anyone in the local region who are looking to develop and innovate their business. Whether you’re a star-up or an SME, a manager or CEO, an entrepreneur or employee, this conference is bound to ignite inspiration for your business or company.

Press here for more info and the register for the exciting event, held at the Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce