The Challenge of CyberCrime for UK Business

  • 02:00 PM - 05:00 PM
  • General
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  • Falmer

On Thursday the 15th November, South East Cyber are coming to the Innovation centre to deliver a Mastermind event set to armour attendees with the knowledge to protect themselves from cyber attacks. 

As UK Cyber Crime continues to rise in scale and complexity, people need to know how to better shield themselves and their organisations. By keeping yourself safe in cyberspace, you can save money, time and stress. A global and therefore borderless threat, cybercriminals are one of the biggest obstacles to digital economies and societies as both internet connectivity and the number of connected devices rise. 

New opportunities for Cybercriminals increase everyday; anyone can be a victim whether you're an SME, start-up or a larger organisation. Internet-based threats can damage not only your business but also your reputation and livelihood. In spite of this, only 29% of businesses are aware of the Governments Cyber Aware campaign, 14% are aware of the Governments 10 Steps guidance and an even lower 9% are aware of the Cyber Essentials scheme.

South East Cyber will help you learn A. What is the Challenge? and B. What is the Solution?

If you would like to attend this Mastermind event, please click here to register.