Creative Industries; Apps and R&D - all you need to know

  • 09:30 AM - 10:30 AM
  • General
  • FREE
  • Brighton

On the 25th of September, Plus Accounting is hosting a workshop all about Research and Development for Creative Industries.

These are valuable tools to develop and innovate your business. Research is pivotal for understanding your market and customer needs. Once you have this understanding, you can model new products and improve current ones to cater for your customers.

Ed Hickey and Chris Palk, Directors at DabApps will discuss their experiences and introduce their new App which can change your business for the better.

The workshop is a perfect opportunity to get the know the latest creative industry tax reliefs, and how DapApps can help develop your business.

They will be covering the following topics:

  • What is R&D?
  • What other creative reliefs are there?
  • How do you qualify for these?
  • Why does your business need an App?
  •  How can having an App benefit your business?
  •  How to write a brief – what you need?
  •  Thinking outside the box… time to be creative!


This workshop is aimed at company directors and owners. It will also offer the chance to discuss your opinions and questions with the speakers and your fellow creative industry entrepreneurs.

The workshop will be held at MyHotel on Jubilee Street, Brighton. 

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