Cyber Security Briefing Series - Croydon

  • 08:00 AM - 10:00 AM
  • General
  • Croydon

Did you know that up to 45% of data breaches and data loss incidents are due to human factors? 

Many cyber fraud techniques such as phishing scams and impersonation emails relay on tricking your staff into releasing valuable data or perform tasks that enable fraud, a breach or data loss. Unfortunately, human factors can expose vulnerabilities that cybercriminals are experts in exploiting.

This event will help give you the information to safeguard against cyber threats. 

You will get a chance to hear from:

  • Carol Squiers, Economic Development Manager from Croydon Council, who will be welcoming and introducing the event
  • Jacqueline Watts, a Solicitor from A City Law Firm, on how the law views human factor risks
  • Melanie Oldham, CEO of Bobs Business, on the impact e-learning has on reducing fraud, cyber breaches, and data loss
  • David Nudelman, CEO of Click Enterprise, who will be sharing his view of how technology can help and why it alone can not combat human factor risk

If you are a director, partner, business owner or an IT manager, from any industry sector, this event will be very useful for you. If you would like to register, please click here.