Design Thinking Workshop 1: Recruitment

  • 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
  • General
  • Free
  • Falmer

Over a lunchtime session learn how to use Design Thinking and creative problem solving to overcome challenges, collaborate across teams and pave the way for growth, fast.

Each session will have its own theme where you bring your team along to solve your business challenge. This month's theme is recruitment and the challenges you as a scale-up face. During the session Wolfcub Digital will explain what Design Thinking is and how you can use their Design Sprint Throw Down process to solve your business challenges.  

The session will focus on helping you with a whole host of design thinking tips, including:

  • How to solve real business challenges with creative problem solving
  • How to silently collaborate as a team
  • How to reach the best solution for your challenge
  • How to reach a conscensus with the team and a way to move forward

From the session, you can expect to come away with actionable steps, which the team has agreed upon together. You will even receive a writeup of your challenges, solutions and actionable tasks, as well as check-in call to see how your tasks are progressing. 

Spaces are limitted to three comapnies only so Wolfcub Digital can give you the best experience possible. You must bring along 3-8 team members to get the most from the session as it's a collaborative exercise.

Ps. Remember to bring your lunch with you!

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