How to make your company famous

  • 02:00 PM - 05:00 PM
  • General
  • £139
  • Falmer

Jon Card of Full Story Media, a regular writer for The Guardian, Daily Telegraph and The Times, will reveal how the media selects stories for publication, giving you the tools to make your company famous. 

Revealing classic storytelling techniques used by film directors, PR gurus, business leaders and successful politicians to capture the attention of audiences. 

Jon will help you understand why some companies gain more publicity than others, using examples of some of the most succesful entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson and Anita Roddick. 

This event is aimed at business owners and media professionals and will help you execute a full-blown media campaign, as well as troubleshoot probkems in existing campaigns. 

There will be an opportunity for Q&A and the chance to practice interview techniques in a relaxed environment. 

You will learn the answers to these key questions:

  1. Why some campaigns gain more coverage than others
  2. How to find the right journalist to contact
  3. How and when to approach a journalist 
  4. How to prepare for interaction with the press
  5. What resources companies need to launch a successful media campaign

To register for, or to find out more about this exciting and informative event, please follow this link.

Sussex Innovation members can attend for a discounted rate of £50, please contact Joseph Bradfield for the code.