Janette Benaddi: Business Woman and Record Breaker

  • 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM
  • General
  • FREE
  • Brighton

Sussex Innovation Centre's member Psephos Biomedica would like to invite you to an evening with the inspiring Janette Benaddi.

Janette Benaddi is an inspirational business women, public speaker and a life science industry consultant. Alongside her professional accomplishments, Janette is part of the Yorkshire Rows Team. In 2015 she became one of the first women to row across the North Sea alongside her three other team mates. A year later Janette was made the Skipper of the Team and together the four women rowed 3000 Nautical miles across the Atlantic Ocean, gaining them a Guiness world record. In 2017 they published a book, Four Mums in a Boat, to tell their story of four working mums from Yorkshire who embarked upon a great challenge, and broke records along the way. 

Amongst her astonishing sporting achievements, Janette founded a very successful medical device company which she ran for over 20 years until a proftable sale in 2013. Her name is very well known in the medical device industry and her work has been pivotal to bringing new technology to the market. 

Janette is passionate abobut helping SME's grow to reach their potential, and she currently is enjoying her work as a Non-Executive Director. 

The plan for the day will go as followed:

  • 5pm - Arrival and drinks
  • 5:15pm - Presentation
  • 5:45pm - Networking

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