Knowledge Hub: How to build the best team

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It's not easy building a team from scratch. Knowing when it's the right time to grow, who to hire and when to pass on responsibility is difficult, particularly for first time founders. Add to that the pressures of creating the right workplace culture and retaining talent, it's no surprise that many start-ups struggle with staffing issues. For this Knowledge Hub we're bringing you a wealth of experience from academics and professionals to help you understand what it takes to build the best team.

Professor Tom Omerod (University of Sussex) - Tom is the Head of the School of Psychology at the University of Sussex and a leading expert in the field of interviewing techniques. Tom devised the controlled cognitive engagement (CCE) model, a method for interviewers that reduces reliance on "unreliable" first impressions. He will explain how to get the most out of applicants when interviewing and what to look out for to avoid unsuitable hires.

Emma Cleary (Flexibility Matters) - The ethos of Emma's recruitment company Flexibility Matters, is that outstanding skills and talents can be sourced outside the normal 9 to 5. She will be discussing the benefits of flexible working for both employers and employees.

Simon Chuter (Sussex Innovation) - Simon heads up our Catalyst Team. The Catalyst Team are a group of University of Sussex graduates and placement yesr students that work with businesses on a flexible and affordable basis. Simon will tell you how you can tap into this young talent. 

Martin Hess (OCSL) - Before becoming Chairman of OCSL Martin worked for HP for 12 years during which time he employed over 600 people. Martin has also run a Paris based start-up and will be sharing his experience of successfully growing and managing teams within SME and corporate environments. 

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