Silicon Valley of South London - Gender Pay Gap

  • 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
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  • Croydon

This January at Sussex Innovation Croydon we are focusing on the much discussed and incredibly current issue of the Gender Pay Gap as a feature in our programme of Women in Tech events.

These events provide a time and space to celebrate and empower women who work in a traditionally ‘male’ industry, where only 17% of employees in tech are women. The Gender Pay Gap is a dismal phenomenon which occurs due to an undercurrent of systemic sexism in business. It is a widely discussed issue today, and during our event we hope to dissect the reasons behind the Gap – discussing measures we can take together to make a visible change.

We are excited to host three guest speakers at this event, brining unique and interesting insights into the Gender Pay Gap.

Sarah Luxford, Executive Director at Global Resources

Sarah is the Co-Founder of TLA Women In Tech, London’s movement promoting gender equality in the global tech industry. TLA Women in Tech are a 700-strong organisation acting to change the statistics surrounding women in tech, focusing on diversifying gender equality via initiatives to empower and champion inclusivity. Sarah will be joining us to give a talk from a recruiters perspective on the Gender Pay Gap; telling us whether we are making progress and what can be done to shrink this gap.

Roianne Nedd, Inclusivity and Diversity consultant at Rocaro

Rionne helps people embrace the principles of diversity, focusing on intersectional feminism, unconscious bias and inclusive leadership. She will be discussing insights and strategies taken by organisations to increase transparency, explaining and what an inclusion agenda can mean for the individual and the company. She recently launched her book, The Trusted Black Girl which discusses the experiences of Black women in the workplace.

Morgan McCarthy, founder of CDO Partners

CDO Partners are a data and analytics business who use data to answer questions and challenges in business. One of their recent projects has been attempting to understand the cause of the gender pay fay. He believes that once the cause has been found, then the solution can be created. Morgan will be showing us how to visualise data to help us do just that.

This event is set to be an inspiring event celebrating women in tech. Come along and meet like-minded individuals, learning more about an important and pressing topic.

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