Silicon Valley of South London - Women in Leadership

  • 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
  • General
  • Free
  • Croydon

Following on from Our Year of Women in Business, we are hosting an exciting and lively event at Sussex Innovation Croydon all about Women in Leadership.

We want to shine a light on inspiring women in the business community who have become leaders in their field.

We have some excellent speakers coming along to tell you more about their journey and what they are doing for women in business.

  • Our own research advisor Dr Chloe Peacock and PR and Comms advisor Joseph Bradfield will be discussing the findings from a recent white paper identifying key themes to help UK businesses be more gender inclusive. Focusing on issues surrounding gender balance in leadership roles, this survey seeks to find answers for businesses on how to support women in business.
  • Lara Williams, the founder of Momentum 4 and a true expert in emotional intelligence will be examining a vast range of societal, organisational and individual factors that weigh over women seeking to reach their business potential. She will offer a detailed insight into what patterns are held against women in business and discuss how we can start to overcome these challenges internally.  
  • Luisa Reynolds, a LinkedIn consultant who worked at the largest B2B social media platform will be discussing how to create a strong brand image through personal profiles – an ‘All-Star’ profile. Using case studies from some of the best female leaders around, Luisa will show us how to use your profile productively and successfully to get more engagement and develop your brand presence.

This event will also be a great chance to network with like-minded individuals in your business community who are also passionate about empowering women in business. 

If you would like to register, please follow this link.