Strategic Review - Investment

  • 06:30 PM - 08:30 PM
  • General
  • FREE
  • Brighton
  • Clive Bonny || Hannah McIntyre || Ben Blomerly

Strategic Review is a community event dedicated to discovering, explaining and engaging with strategy. Each event shares thinking and practices from different speakers from a similar sector. The aim is to surface similarities and differences, spark curiosity, and give some definition to strategy as a broader discipline.

The theme of our first event will be investment. As a discipline, investment is inherently strategic - it requires long-term planning, strong critical thinking skills, and the ability to assess risk, spot opportunities and commit to them. We have some excellent speakers who will be sharing their own distinct approaches to funding:

Clive Bonny - Managing Director of Strategic Management Partners

Clive is an active crowdfunding investor in seven start-ups and advises investors and fundraisers on risks and returns using a proven trademarked process called Check-Invest. He'll share his views on how to become investable as a business or social enterprise, with examples of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Q & A with Hannah McIntyre, Co-founder of Crunchboards

In this session, Hannah will be answering questions on her experience of sourcing investment for a rapidly growing business. She will be sharing how Crunchboards grew into an an award winning forecasting and reporting tool used by businesses in over 90 countries.

Ben Blomerly - Venture Director of MOHARA

Ben leads the venture team at MOHARA a product and design agency. He will be sharing MOHARA's hybrid investment model, the pain points they are trying to solve and the changing nature of operating models.

This event has been sponsored by Propellernet who are providing the venue - their recently refurbished 1st floor - and some snacks, beers and other refreshments. 

Venue: Propellernet - 9 Castle Square, Brighton, BN1 1EG

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