Unlock Your Full Potential

  • 06:30 PM - 08:30 PM
  • General
  • £12.50
  • Brighton

We are all victim to the inner critic in our head that damages confidence and inhibits peoples attempts to reach their potential. The key to development and success both vocationally and personally, is to silence that voice and reach a Flow State not restricted by doubt.

On the 19th September, Richard Husseiny of Husseiny performance will be delivering an inspiring talk to shed light on how best to boost your confidence to achieve success in work and life. Richard discusses how by harnessing the mindset employed by Olympic medallists and applying it directly to their work, life and relationships, we can work to reduce stress in our lives.

The mindset of Flow State is a catalyst to producing healing and performance benefits. Studies by Mckinsey & Co on Flow State concluded that top executives reported being 500% more productive in Flow State. By embracing the Flow State business productivity can dramatically improve, and furthermore the personal struggles and anxieties we all face can be tackled .

During the talk you will learn:

What Flow State is

Why it Matters

How it affects your judgement

How it can improve behaviour

It’s healing benefits

How to harness it


If you’re looking to feel empowered and confident in your life and work, click here to register for this innovative event held in Brighton