Financial Support and Book-Keeping

Lots of high-growth companies struggle to manage the challenge of scaling quickly. Building processes and good financial practice into your business from the start can help ease the way. Our accounts team can help to manage your monthly book-keeping and payroll, but they also specialise in turning your financial information into useful, practical data that can inform your business decisions. Whether you need advice on financial modelling, R&D tax credits or structuring your management accounts, they're here to help.

Our Accounts Team

Finance Manager - Jane Baker
Jane Baker - Head of Finance

Jane Baker heads up our finance team at Sussex Innovation. They’re a trusted finance manager who knows all there is to know about helping growing businesses maximise their financial efficiency.

Jane has a wealth of experience in Financial Modelling and Planning, R&D Tax Credits and Employee Contracts. 

Working with hundreds of start-up businesses to help them plan for the future and keep their cashflow sustainable, Jane is ready to help you stay ahead of any financial challenges you may be exposed to.

Outside of the office, Jane’s energy sustains. Whether cycling through the countryside or partaking in local gym classes, Jane never fails to stay highly active.

You can always rely on Jane for putting in place the processes required to keep your company’s financial position on top form.

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Management Accountant - Fiona Weir
Fiona Weir - Management Accountant 
Fiona looks after all aspects of employee financial affairs, from payroll, expenses and contracts through to making sure that everything balances at the end of the financial year. Before joining Sussex Innovation, she worked for a national organisation that helped start-ups with advice on legal requirements and bookkeeping, making her the perfect person to ask for help with administrative documents such as licensing agreements and company registration.

Fiona's favourite thing about working here is the wide variety of work she gets to do. Outside of the office she enjoys going skiing whenever she can, and keeps fit during the off-season with plenty of walking, cycling and running.

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Accounts Assistant - Laura Catchpole
Laura Catchpole - Accounts Assistant
Laura helps look after the books here at Sussex Innovation. She oversees all the invoices, billing and bank reconciliation, ensuring that everything is organised and running smoothly. Laura's wealth of experience in accounts means that she's well-equipped to ensure that the numbers add up.

Outside of the office, Laura enjoys shopping and walking her Jack Russell. She's the person who'll help put things right if you're ever faced with an accounting issue like making an incorrect payment.

Our Testimonials

"Jane and her team... having that facility on-site, just being able to pop in and say 'can you deal with that for us?', it's really important."

John Burton - co-founder, Inset Online

"The accounts team set up a management accounts pack for us - we had weekly, monthly, quarterly review meetings. Our packs, I would say, would rival anything you would find in a corporate business. They grew and grew the more that we grew, but it gave confidence to the business and all the people who worked in it. I still use the financial mechanisms they gave me to this day."

Mark Bailey - founder, Sciensus