Ambiental Risk Analytics


Call: 01273 704 441
Contact name: Justin Butler
Locations: Falmer

Ambiental is a global specialist in flood modelling, flood risk, and climate change and natural hazard analytics. The company produces flood maps, flood data sets, flood catastrophe models, flood forecasting SaaS products and environmental reports internationally, and conducts both rapid, national-scale assessments and in-depth research that support better decision making around flood risk management.

Using complex data analytics, AI and highly scalable flood modelling algorithms created in-house, Ambiental quickly develops and customises flood data and models to answer specific questions. This helps its clients be far more agile and responsive, whether they need to decide which flood risk reduction strategies to prioritise, how to alter designs to mitigate flood risk, or how to price flood risk insurance premiums and estimate financial losses more accurately. Ambiental's clients range from the World Bank, utlities, (re)insurance companies, insurance brokers and multinational businesses to property developers and home owners.