The AMOCATIC Range Extender

AMOCATIC Range Extender

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Extending the Range of Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid electronic vehicles are an increasingly common sight on roads across the world, as the automotive industry looks to respond to political and consumer demand for vehicles with reduced CO2 emissions.

One issue prohibiting the widespread adoption of hybrid technologies is the relatively short range that is currently possible between recharging stops, when compared with the fuel economy of traditional road vehicles.

The Solution

The AMOCATIC Range Extender is a totally-balanced single cylinder rotary IC engine generator concept for producing electrical power. It is hoped that the generator’s design will significantly extend the range of ultra-low CO2 hybrid electronic vehicles, through improved efficiency.

Amocatic Generator

Features and Benefits

  • High efficiency through downsizing to one cylinder, reduced friction, and low generator torque
  • Low noise and vibration through total balance
  • Light-weight and compact
  • Kinetic energy storage capability as a flywheel KERS (though not essential for functionality)


Proofs of concept for individual hardware elements of the design is currently being pursued by the University of Sussex Dynamics, Control and Vehicle Research Group. We would like to hear from potential commercial partners who may be interested in receiving updates as research continues.

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