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Contact name: Amit Kapoor
Locations: Croydon

ContractorX is being built to help sustain a vibrant contractor economy. The team seek to help contractors and their clients meet the most difficult test of the IR5 legislation - the one of substitution. They will tackle the issue on both fronts: addressing contractor capability to execute substitutions, as well as client willingness to embrace substitutions. Their intent is to help users create an unassailable defence against any challenges to their contract engagements. In turn, they want more clients to feel they can safely engage with contractors outside IR35.

Their services (still in the making) will be centred around the following themes:


They will help contractors assure their clients that they will exercise their right of substitution responsibly with minimal disruption to the client's operations.


They will help contractors demonstrate that they understand what it takes to plan and execute substitution of their services.


They will assist contractors to execute their right of substitution with the highest level of the professionalism and care for their clients.