Dukesforyou Limited

Dukesforyou Limited

Email: connect@dukesforyou.co.uk
Call: +44 7990 644443
Contact name: Rittick Chakraborty
Locations: Falmer

Dukesforyou Limited is a start-up that offers business consulting and technology solutions to companies of any size whether you are starting up, consolidating or growing rapidly. Our aspiration is to be a one-stop-shop for primarily financial services and/or tech-enabled Companies. We also provide solutions to your technology needs by leveraging with our business partners who have 15yrs of competency and credibility in building, managing developing tech solutions.


Our business consulting specialises in helping Companies facing challenges with a wide range of tech-enabled businesses. Our experience and expertise lies in over 2 decades of experience in Credit, Collections, Fraud and Operational risk management areas helping you with improved processes, customer experience thereby improving your margins. preventing avoidable losses and/or, process and/or customer experience, Though we specialise in consulting Operations management in general and financial services and hospitality industries, in particular, we do have an experienced partner network supporting us with other industries.  

Our technology solutions are supported by our UK partners, Indware.com who have 15 years of credibility and competence in meeting and exceeding Clients technology requirements in an ever-evolving tech world. Whether you are big or boutique, riding a growth wave or optimising investments, we take pride in working with you on improving your profitability. We do a business review with the first hour free and provide our recommendations. Whether you want to optimize investment by using our suite of e-solutions or get more out of the same, or even less, we work on your plan to improve your profitability.


We also offer :

Tax, Accounting & Financial Solutions -Every business needs the very best in accounting. We recognize that. We specialize in a range of accountancy services which include - Company Formations, Tax/VAT returns, Assistance with Tax Inquiries, investigations, Accounting and book-keeping, Company Rearrangements

Talent and Leadership Development: We believe every organisation, Big or Boutique, needs to nourish its workforce. Whether it is setting up of a development centre or a leadership academy or bespoke training for a group or 1:1, we leverage over 2 decades of experience to help you get the best value for your investment.