Focus on Business

Focus on Business

Call: 020 3821 1975
Contact name: Jeremy Lipman
Locations: Croydon

Focus on Business have over 30 years experience in developing CRM systems for vertical markets across Britain's diverse business community. They specialise in CRM systems for the special requirements of Further Education and Private Training organisations.

Focus on Business' JustApply platform allows organisations involved in apprenticeship recruitment and training to provide top quality service to both candidates and employers. JustApply helps organisations in the following areas:

Data management - The CRM keeps all key contact data and associations within an intuitive, customisable and easy to use system. Communication can be recorded, automated and shared with authorised users across the organisation.

Reaching a larger audience - The branded recruitment portal pushes vacancies out to leading job boards and social media channels.

Enhancing internal processes - Intelligent workflows help to improve efficiency and resources to be allocated where needed.