The Future Office

The Future Office

Call: 0845 070 0192
Contact name: Malcolm McPherson
Locations: Falmer

The Future Office is a web-based information management service for SMEs, linking groups of users in shared communities which allow start-ups, existing businesses or departments to run efficiently with all their data in the cloud and thus available securely from any location.

The Future Office organises data like documents, emails, tasks and diary items at point of entry. This means that the data is presented to the user in a structured manner rather than relying on search programmes like Google, which can find items but only mixed in with zillions of other possible matches.

The document handling includes full versioning and the email handling allows fast replying where an exchange of emails on a topic evolves as a story book. It also enables messages and email segments to be posted to and from social networking sites.

The Future Office is fully hosted and free to use in its standard version. A professional version is licensed for a fee of £2.50 per user per week including all data hosting and is available for larger organisations and those wanting still further enhanced functionality. Try out the free service by sending an email or registering at