Geotechnical Materials Testing Lab

Geotechnical Materials Testing Lab

Call: 01273 704 400
Contact name: Peter Lane
Locations: Falmer

Unique Geotechnical Laboratory for advanced testing of materials

Laboratory simulation of natural freeze-thaw cycles speeds up geological time so that companies can examine the equivalent of many years of natural freezing and thawing over timescales of months. It can monitor processes including ice growth, fracture development and heave/settlement. The Geotechnical Materials Testing Lab is a specialist facility for carrying out experiments on the effects of freezing and thawing of both natural materials (e.g. soil, rock, peat) and artificial materials (e.g. concrete, brick, tarmac).


Features and Benefits

  • Speed up geological time, providing valuable insight into the effects of years of freeze-thaw cycles on certain materials
  • Test materials to an accuracy level unattainable by many other tests, which can only mimic the effects of the freeze-thaw process
  • Supported by academic expertise
  • Sample preparation (e.g. rock cutting, drilling and instrumentation)

The Opportunity

A combination of unique testing facilities with academic and sector experience offers a variety of different industries a route to simulating and accelerating natural conditions, thus improving insight and shortening product development timescales.