Call: 01273 044026
Contact name: Gavin Allen
Locations: Falmer

Glideology supports and guides entrepreneurs and academics with the complexities of modern technology.

At Glideology they understand the journey and challenges involved with developing a new product from concept to market. Using their 3D model and fast prototyping, their team of experienced engineers will accelerate your ideas to market. Encompassing the complete development lifecycle including testing and manufacturing, they'll be with you every step of the way. Specifically the team can assist with technical research, control systems, electronics, software and mechanics.

Gavin Allen, Technical Expert at Glideology says:

"I have a real desire to help anyone overcome the obstacles involved with bringing a technical product to market. Problem solving and troubleshooting are my forte and I love nothing more than the challenge of finding other ways of doing things! I understand the many hats you have to wear to complete a project and enjoy working together with my team of engineers to ensure every job is delivered to the highest possible standard. Working with people is my passion and technology is my expertise."