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Email: info@heatcatcher.com
Call: 01273 358520
Contact name: Darren Bryant
Locations: Falmer

Decarbonising heat is the greatest challenge for manufacturing industries. Heatcatcher helps industry meet carbon reduction targets by integrating Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) systems, High Temperature Heat Pumps (HTHP) hot water generators and Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) electricity generators.

They have extensive experience of integrating best available proven Heat Recovery technologies into manufacturing industries operating kilns, furnaces, incinerators, and ovens.  Successful projects require a turnkey system designed to operate with significant reduction in carbon emissions, minimal operating cost and maximum financial return. Their turnkey service starts with an initial proposal, to feasibility study, to full design specification, project management, installation, commissioning and the lifetime maintenance of the system.

For help on how to decarbonise the heat demand at your manufacturing site, contact Heatcatcher's Heat Recovery Engineers using the email and phone details above.