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Contact name: Darren Bryant
Locations: Falmer

Industrial facilities waste, on average, 30% of the heat they generate from their processes. Heatcatcher now have a solution for generating your own cheaper low carbon electricity by capturing your exhausted waste heat.

Heatcatcher's Generator is based on Organic Rankine Cycle technology – a rapidly developing technology aimed at recovering low temperature heat from a process where fossil fuels have been combusted or from a carbon neutral heat source such as a biomass boiler or a biofuel generator.

At no cost to you, a Heatcatcher can capture the heat that has been exhausted in your process and re-use it to generate electricity, which they then sell back to you at a cheaper rate than your current electricity supplier. They build, install, maintain and operate a Heatcatcher generator on your site, providing you with cheaper low carbon electricity from the heat you’re currently wasting.

So for cheaper low carbon electricity, carbon tax savings, and to increase the energy efficiency of your industrial facilities contact Heatcatcher today to discuss a FREE WASTE HEAT SURVEY.