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Contact name: Oliver Chappell-Holmes
Locations: Falmer

Connecting users with the latest food science while saving them money.

Using their proprietary attribute system and incorporating Augmented Reality technologies, NutraVision condenses the latest effects of food as they come out every week form the molecular level into a format anyone can understand and put to use.

Whether you're a student looking to improve your focus, a vegan bodybuilder, someone looking to prevent ailments or to reduce your carbon footprint, or a creative wanting to improve your outputs, NutraVision can find recipes and snacks that are good for you.

Lens: Holographically overlays a personalised selection of NutraVision's 30+ attributes over food in 3D like a Snapchat lens, tapping on a panel shows all the info NutraVision has on a food and their sources.

Recipes: Uses NutraVision's AI system to find users hand-picked meals they can cook that are delicious and personalised to them. As well as the attributes available in Lens, users can choose preparation time and cost so they can save money while being healthy (and lazy!).

Journal: Helps users keep track of their food habits and put use to the things they learn in the app. Here users can find customisable meal plans for specific attributes, make shopping lists, transfer favourites found in Lens and Recipes and find new snacks, superfoods, teas and herbs.