SME Needs

SME Needs

Call: 020 8634 5911
Contact name: Nigel Davey
Locations: Croydon

SME Needs helps small business owners to improve their marketing performance and grow. They help SMEs to carry out three key steps:

  • Measure: what marketing is or isn't working for you? Knowing what isn't working frees up time and money to invest in what is, delivering increased ROI.
  • Understand: what does your ideal client look like? What are their needs, wants and issues? What are the key messages you need to get in front of them? Accurate targeting maximises the performance of your marketing by cutting out the communication with people who will never buy from you.
  • Improve: what is the right combination of marketing activities to get your key messages in front of your target audience? Using the right channels maximises the chances of your ideal client seeing and connecting with your message.

See Nigel Davey, Managing Director of SME needs, comment on how SME Needs can help with your busniess and how the Innovation Center has helped grow his business. 

From here, SME Needs will help you deliver a consistent marketing programme, whether by supporting you strategically as your Virtual Marketing Director, or operationally, by helping to deliver your on- and offline marketing campaigns.