Sussex Melanoma Biomarker

Sussex Melanoma Biomarker

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Blood-based test for melanoma diagnosis and prognosis

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, accounting for 80% of all skin cancer deaths; almost 2,500 each year in the UK alone. Current methods of diagnosing melanoma rely on outdated visual inspection techniques which are not always reliable. Further testing involves invasive and often painful biopsies to determine disease stage information.

Prognosis of patients with melanoma is strongly determined by early detection, as thin local tumours are highly curable, therefore there is a growing need for reliable and accurate diagnostics and prognostics for melanoma treatment.

Medical researchers at the University of Sussex and the Blond McIndoe Research Foundation have developed a novel blood-based test for diagnosing melanoma. This revolutionary test uses micro-RNA to accurately diagnose the disease and offers prognostic capabilities for determining the likelihood of disease progression. This provides the potential for use as a companion diagnostic during drug trials.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple blood-based test
  • Faster and more accurate diagnosis
  • Prognostic and disease staging potential for use as a companion diagnostic
  • Fits into existing treatment pathways
  • Reduces the need for costly clinic visits
  • Potential for significant savings for healthcare providers
  • Potential to reduce invasive surgeries


This novel test provides an opportunity to revolutionise the process of diagnosing and monitoring melanoma. With around 14,000 cases per year, requiring 3 monthly follow-up tests, this suggests a market potential for 200,000+ tests per year.

For further information, or to discuss this technology please contact We are now seeking a commercial partner to accelerate further development and commercialise the resulting diagnostic.