Mindlab & London Contemporary Orchestra Cadbury's Collaboration

Neuroscience agency Mindlab International have collaborated with the London Contemporary Orchestra to create an album of music, designed to enhance the experience of eating different Cadbury chocolates. The Cadbury Dairy Milk 'Sound of Flavourites' album was composed following a research project in which Mindlab examined the effects of changing amplitude, frequency, volume and pitch on subjects while they tasted different ingredients and bars from the Dairy Milk range.

Five of the strongest associations that the study demonstrated between taste and sound were:

  • Low pitch complements nutty flavours
  • High-pitched music complements crunchy textures
  • Steady rhythm complements smooth textures
  • Mellow sounds complement soft, spongy textures
  • Up-tempo music complements surprising ingredients that pop and crackle

"Multiple studies show that music and taste are intrinsically linked," explains Duncan Smith, Managing Director of Mindlab International. "Just as you'd pair wine with a certain food, you should pair certain sounds with specific foods to enhance the taste and the experience. Through the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Sound of Flavourites album, you'll be able to enhance the eating experience of your favourite bar from the comfort of your own home."

The compositions were performed at a live event in London last week, accompanied by an audience tasting session. If you'd like to try it for yourself, check out the Spotify playlist below while eating your favourite bar.