Branding for Business Building

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When you’re in one of the most competitive markets in business, how far can you go to make yourself distinctive? It’s your brand and the story behind it that will make you more compelling than your competitors.

By having a strong brand you’re telling the world that they can trust you and invest their time and money with you. A business that’s branded well builds credibility because it promises your customer that you’ll deliver what they want. There’s no longevity in sales without having first invested in your brand.

You will learn:

- What branding is

- Brand elements

- Brand colour and design

- The brand building blocks

- Brand communications

Prepared and delivered by:

Kate Saunders, a digital marketing specialist and a member of the Institute of Digital and Direct Marketing (IDM). She is overseeing final year students in the industry certificate and running the final year Digital and Direct Marketing Strategy module. Prior to LSBU, Kate ran the postgraduate direct marketing module at the University of the Arts and trained industry employees in direct marketing. Before academia, Kate worked in the digital and direct marketing industry as an agency Business Director, as well as running her own consultancy for small businesses.

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