Brilliant Support For Your Business


Thursday 8th September AND Thursday 22nd September (9:15-14:30)

The workshop includes:

• Pricing: learn how to charge what you’re worth and keep your profits and cashflow healthy
• Finance: a session with an accountant in which you’ll learn vital info on business structure, personal tax and VAT
• Marketing: learn how to get and keep the customers you really want. 
• Customer service: learn why it’s so important and how to make it your strength 
• Legal issues: learn about intellectual property and consumer rights.
• A peer support session where you will sharpen your thinking about your next steps 
• A case study, in which you’ll hear about another new business’ growth, with time for questions and answers 
• Time to make and share your action plan for growth
• A 30-minute mentoring session with the expert of your choice, after the workshop

Part one 

Accounting session with Helen Griffiths and Ian Wilson, Hilton Sharp and Clarke.

Part two

Solicitor session with Samantha Dawkins and Karen Heal, Edward Harte LLP

Case study from business owners Louise Boxall and Andy Chapman, Cresco

Please note lunch will not be included.

Session host

The workshops will be run by Wes Game of Let's Do Business Group, a multi-award winning Enterprise Agency. Wes has worked with both new and established businesses for 20 years, helping them develop, grow, identify strategies and simply hold their hand. Wes currently delivers business start-up training as well as 1:1 mentoring and advice to newly set up businesses.


Emma Haughton and Lisa Westbury are co-founders of Generate Partnership - a coaching company which helps organisations and teams to have the impact they want.

Venue: BMECP, 10a Fleet Street, Brighton, BN1 4ZE

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