Community Schmooze: Get Ready for Investment

  • 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
  • General
  • Free
  • Croydon

Join us for lunch and networking - this month sponsored by Ignition Financial who will share wisdom on how to get ready for investment and how to make the most of Government led schemes for startups.

In order to scale a business, there becomes a point where bootstrapping will not fulfil an ambitious company's growing needs.

Many small business owners with a big idea would rather have a sliver of a massive pie than the entirety of a bite-sized treat so realise that more than a few slices need to be given away. In fact, most of the slices will be auctioned off for funding. You will, therefore, need to put a value on your business. Valuations derive from considerations such as management, proven track record, market size, and risk.

Please register to join us for the usual banter and chat over pizza with this valuable lesson from Ignition Financial who have a track record for supporting SME's through to successful exits via Ignition’s virtual CFO service.

Register at our Eventbrite here.

Pizza and refreshments will be provided too so be sure to add your name to the list!