Corporate Insights Seminar - an IP Case Study

Morrisons Solicitors invite you to Insights in Context: An Intellectual Property Case Study.

Whether you develop products or know-how, own a client database or simply have a brand to protect, IP rights can be critical to your business. Our expert panel of business lawyers will guide you through a case study to reveal effective ways of protecting and exploiting your IP.

Joining the panel at Reigate Manor on 14th June will be expert guest speaker Ruth Brennan of Kingston Smith.

  • Understand how to value your IP and maximise the tax benefits from its development.
  • Learn ways in which you can protect confidential information in an employment and commercial context.
  • Discover strategies to stop "copy cat" competitor companies.
  • Recognise the hazards of what can happen to IP and confidentiality when employees have no contract of employment.
  • Learn how to exploit your IP and know-how through licensing and franchising.

Morrisons will also host IP Case Study Seminars in Woking (13th June), Teddington (20th June) and Wimbledon (21st June). Contact them to find out more and RSVP.