Coverage Class: Making Media Work For You

  • 09:30 AM - 01:00 PM
  • General
  • Brighton

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By Guardian, Telegraph & Times business journalist Jon Card.

“Jon is an excellent media mentor. I saw first-hand how he was able to wade through difficult technical language and unearth the stories at the heart of the companies’ offerings. Many of the entrepreneurs have said how they really valued how Jon made himself available and the advice they got.” Will Hill, Creative Director, Long Run Works

Location: 68 Middle Street, Brighton

Ticket price: £220, with Early Bird / Wired Sussex Member discounts available

What You'll Learn:

This is an instructive Coverage Class aimed at companies and PR/media professionals in the earlier stages of their careers. It will help them to prepare future campaigns and troubleshoot problems in their existing ones. The course will provide insight into dealing with the press and give numerous examples of successful campaigns. Attendees should leave the Coverage Class with new ideas on how to start, improve or augment existing campaigns.

Key questions answered in this session:

- How to find the right journalist to contact

- How and when to approach a journalist

- What companies need to do to prepare for interaction with the press

- Resources companies need to launch a successful media campaign

- Why some campaigns gain huge amounts of coverage while others fail

“I was fortunate enough to meet with Jon before going on the Clean and Cool mission to San Francisco to pitch our work at H2GO Power. His advice made me realise how I could highlight the value in my pitch within seconds – and it worked beautifully.” Enass Abo-Hamed, PhD, CEO, H2GO Power

Who will benefit from this session?

- Companies who would like to gain more press coverage

- PR and media professionals in the earlier stages of their careers

- Digital marketing professionals who carry out link building campaigns involving the press

- Students studying business, media and marketing courses who want to gain professional level understanding of how to deal with the press

The session is run by Jon Card, a journalist of 15 years, who writes regularly for The Times, Guardian and Daily Telegraph. Jon will provide  insights into the inner workings of media companies, publishers and newsrooms, enabling attendees to clearly understand the role of the journalist and how they can interact with them.

There will be an opportunity for networking at the end of this session.


Tea, coffee, pastries & a selection of other snacks will be available throughout the session. The venue is a one minute walk from The Lanes and Brighton Seafront, with numerous lunch options available.

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