Diversity in Tech: How to Recruit and Retain Female Talent

A major theme of London Technology Week is Inclusion and Diversity within Tech. In line with this Sussex Innovation Croydon will be hosting a workshop with Katie Underwood, an experienced diversity consultant and gender specialist.

Tech startups remake the way we experience the world; but are they at risk of seeing that world from only one perspective? Enhancing the diversity of tech companies is not just good for gender equality, but essential for business.

This two hour workshop will be facilitated by Katie Underwood and will cover why a diverse workplace is essential, how to practically advertise for female talent in the right way, overcoming your preconceptions and assumptions and creating an inclusive culture.

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Katie Underwood - Facilitator

Katie is a freelance diversity consultant and gender specialist. Having graduated from the Gender Institute at the LSE, and drawing on her previous career as an actress, she delivers gender and diversity workshops, setting up safe spaces to facilitate the honest, open and rigorous conversations needed to bring about sustainable organisational change. She also offers one-to-one mentoring on personal impact and leadership skills, longer term gender audit and consultancy services, and is a speaker at women’s networks. She is delighted to be delivering this workshop in a year in which 'gender’ is taking centre stage at London Tech Week.