Overcoming Barriers To Growth

Intelligent growth for a prosperous future

Excited by growth? Think you're ready to make it happen?

In this workshop, you'll learn everything you need to know to grow your business intelligently. You already know that growth is a good thing, it means more sales and more profit. It also means constant demands on your time, skills and resources. 

You'll be guided by business expert Julia Chanteray of the Joy of Business, who will help you to challenge your assumptions and clarify your thinking. After the workshop you will have access to two one-on-one mentoring sessions with a range of advisors to help you develop ideas you have on the day. 

The workshop includes:

• Getting the money together: how do you fund your growth?
• Finding the resources: including staff, premises and online tools 
• Growth oriented marketing: how do you find enough customers?
• Pricing: how to price right for growth
• It’s not all about the money: how to grow without traditional investment
• Ideas about growth: how to make it smart and lean
• Time spent working with your peers to solve problems and share experiences 
• Two additional one-to-one sessions with your choice of advisor

Workshop leader

Julia Chanteray has been running all kinds of businesses since the age of 23. She now advises and mentors other businesses to grow and be successful, through her work at the Joy of Business. She’s helped hundreds of businesses to work through the different growth stages, and is always looking for the opportunities for her mentoring clients to make more money and have more fun. People say that she’s “straight talking”, “very funny” and “inspirational” and always provides food for thought.

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