Tech Beyond the Screen: The Internet of Things, Technology and Positive Ageing

  • 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
  • General
  • Free
  • Brighton
  • Steve Allen || Dave Cooper || Eric Kihlstrom || Lise Pape

Tech Beyond the Screen is a series of events which looks at what the opportunities and challenges are as digital technologies move from screen-based devices to becoming embedded in the real world. This event is for you if you are interested in discussing the development of technologies to support our ageing population.


We are all going to be affected by our society’s aging demographic profile. People are living longer, often doing so whilst coping with multiple illnesses. In the words of InnovateUK's Jackie Marshall-Cyrus, "There is a huge role for innovation in addressing the demographic shift and creating national and global market opportunities."


This event helps those looking to discuss, develop or market technology solutions to support people to age positively, either in their own homes or in residential care homes. Ageing positively helps to improve a person's quality of life as they age in any setting and lessens the burden on NHS.


Speakers include:


Steve Allen, CEO of Friends of the Elderly and the entrepreneur who built the Prime Care Homes group. Steve will talk about his understanding of both the care home and own home /domiciliary sectors. He’ll discuss what the market is, where it is going, and what his organisation sees as key challenges.


Dave Cooper from the University of Chichester will talk about plans to form a regional small business network for care innovation and how you might get involved.


Eric Kihlstrom of KareInn, a care innovation company, will discuss opportunities across the spectrum of care and what his company is doing today in residential care homes to improve carer productivity and residents' quality of life.


Lise Pape will discuss her award winning solution for independent living, Walk With Path.

This event is scheduled to kick off at 6pm and come to a close at 9pm which includes networking time at the end of the evening for guests to chat one and one with each other and the speakers.

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