Tech Beyond the Screen - UX and Design for Connected Products

  • 05:30 PM - 08:30 PM
  • General
  • Free
  • Brighton

How do we design great user experiences for people engaging with real-world, 'smart' technologies? What can we take from existing best practice and what do we need to invent?

This session with Ben Sauer, senior UX designer at Clearleft, is for UX and digital design professionals to discuss these questions.

Tech Beyond the Screen is a series of events looking at the opportunities and challenges as digital technologies move from screen-based devices to becoming embedded in the real world. If you are a start-up, digital or creative business, or an individual interested in preparing for (and engaging with) the internet of things, place and everything, Tech Beyond the Screen should inspire and inform you.

This event is delivered by the Digital Catapult Centre Brighton, a collaborative R&D lab which helps business ideas become innovations and innovations get to market. The session is free to attend, and will be held at the FuseBox on New England Street. Visit the Eventbrite page to register your attendance.