Brighton Capital Management

Brighton Capital Management

Call: 01273 761 221
Contact name: David Pegler
Locations: Falmer

Brighton Capital Management is a boutique firm of experienced, highly qualified wealth managers based in Britain’s most vibrant city. Their goal is to build enduring long-term relationships to get the best financial outcomes for clients and their families.

Brighton Capital Management provide bespoke wealth management and financial planning services to private individuals, families and institutional clients in Brighton and the south of England.

Brighton Capital Management is founded on the following principles:

  • Quality of service - Effective financial planning and wealth management is an ongoing process and their goal is to work with clients and their families over many years and decades. They recognise the importance of providing an approachable, expert and joined-up service, and of being available to clients at all times.
  • Transparency - They believe it is vital to work closely together with clients to set out and achieve their goals. A key part of that process is ensuring that the information and advice passed on is accurate, clear and free of jargon. Fee structures are also transparent and they do not impose hidden or extra charges.
  • Flexibility - As a boutique firm, Brighton Capital Management is not bound by rigid corporate structures and administrative systems. This means they have much more freedom to choose the most suitable approach to investment and financial planning on a personalised, client-by-client basis.
  • Local knowledge - Experience working in Brighton and the south coast has enabled Brighton Capital Management to develop close relationships with a number of leading local accountants, solicitors and independent financial advisers – the benefits of which are passed on to clients.