Identysol Ltd

Call: 0845 257 0338
Contact name: Siddharth Malani
Locations: Falmer

Identysol specialise in developing and integrating Asset tracking, Wireless sensor networking and Remote Management applications. They take advantage of the latest RF (radio frequency) and mobile communications technology to produce combined hardware and software solutions for tracking and monitoring identities of products, assets and people to make businesses more efficient.

An example of this is in a car park network – Identysol integrate the electronic ‘readers’ that car park operators can install at the entrance to all their sites, and the software that allows them to monitor and control access to all their car parks from a central control centre; the car park operator issues smart cards to all its customers, and is able to centrally allocate access to car parks depending on what each individual card user has paid; the readers at each car park then allow vehicles in depending on what access control rights are given to the card being used in that vehicle. The system is also capable of sensing where each car is parked at any time.

The company's focus is on solving business problems like these with the most appropriate technology to deliver both the complete system plus after-sales support. Their systems can be installed within days, integrated into a customer’s system, administered securely online and supported to ensure that the customers’ business gets maximum return on investment quickly.