Practical and Hands-On Support

A great strategy is no use without the time and resources to act on it. Sussex Innovation's Catalyst Team places skilled University of Sussex graduates and placement year students into your business when there are too many projects and not enough hands. They're fully mentored and supported by our senior advisors, bringing fresh energy into your team and relieving the pressure of your to-do list. We make the internship process flexible, efficient and stress-free, giving you back time to spend on the business.

Our Catalyst Management Team

Student Enterprise Manager - Simon Chuter
Simon Chuter recruits the right person for you and arranges training for them to provide the results you need. His experience running a charity fundraising agency means that he knows how to get people motivated and get the most out of a tight budget. He can support you with:
  • Flexible Graduate Recruitment
  • Project Planning and Implementation

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Catalyst Project Manager - Eva Poliszczuk
Eva Poliszczuk helps Catalyst team members to manage their time, deliver their projects and realise their potential. As someone who's come through the Catalyst programme herself, she's a big advocate! She can support you with:
  • Flexible Graduate Recruitment
  • Project Planning and Implementation
  • Practical Project Management

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Our Testimonials

"We had a great experience of bringing in interns on an ad-hoc basis into the company. In everything from modifying our website, handling social media and data collection, the access to resources we need from the Catalyst Team has been extremely helpful."

Graeme Cox - co-founder, Emteq

"The Catalyst Team has actually been a big part of Finder's growth. It's the ideal be able to phone up and get some more resources allocated is fantastic. Really good grads, from a really good university, and we've actually gone on to hire one of them full-time."

Jon Ostler - CEO (UK),