Research and Insight Support

Research is a pivotal aspect of innovation, helping new ideas to find their marketplace, customers and competition, and underpinning strategy. It can also be a useful marketing and positioning tool, particularly when you need to communicate a unique value proposition or specialist expertise. Our research team subscribes to industry-leading market insight resources from the likes of Frost & Sullivan, as well as conducting our own qualitative interviews and research surveys.

Our Research and Insight Team

Insight and Market Research Advisor - Anne-Fay Townsend
Anne-Fay Townsend - Insight & Market Research Advisor

Anne-Fay has a background is in advertising strategy. Her previous client experience spans the D&AD award-winning launch of IWM London’s First World War Galleries and Avon Cosmetics’ ground-breaking research into female entrepreneurs.

At Sussex Innovation she is responsible for insight generation and market research and has worked on several key projects for our members, including RaceNation and Natterbox.

Outside of the office, Anne-Fay enjoys reminiscing about the 1990s and has a passionate dislike of biscuits.

Project Coordinator - Ellen Mackie
Ellen Mackie - Research Commercialisation Project Coordinator

Ellen works with Peter Lane, our Innovation Support Manager, to support and manage our research commercialisation projects. This involves writing and delivering timely proposals, improving efficiencies, and creating real value for our academic partners.

After graduating in Business and Management from the University of Sussex, Ellen gained experience in project management and marketing as a member of SINC’s Catalyst Team. She moved to her current role in 2019. As a colleague, Ellen is highly organised and efficient and can always be relied upon to find creative solutions to challenges. As well as working on research commercialisation, Ellen drives SINC’s internal projects around culture and community.

When she’s not in the office, you’ll find Ellen kickboxing at the local martial arts gym or baking amazing birthday cakes for the rest of the team (and their kids).

Research Coordinator - Eleanor Clapp
Eleanor Clapp - Research Coordinator

Eleanor works with Anne-Fay in the Market Research and Insight department. She ensures that all commercial, BRAIN funded and any internal research projects are properly managed and resourced.

After graduating in Music from the University of Sussex, Eleanor joined the Catalyst Team where she solidified her enjoyment of research and report writing, mainly via her involvement in delivering the whitepaper report on "phone fear", expanding her quanititative analysis skills.

Outside of the office, Eleanor is a member of an early music chamber choir and also loves running and cooking. Eleanor recently bought a kayak and is looking forward to putting it to good use when the weather permits.

Our Testimonials

"The idea of a research project immediately appealed to us, but we wouldn't have considered that approach, or had the resources to pull it off, without the team's help. It got us a foot in the door, directly helped us to reach a range of potential clients, and ultimately grow our business."

Alistair Crombie - founder, One Research

"We spoke to 27 HR directors that could have bought our product and we had insights from them, written down and audio... I realised that this was the most in-depth understanding of our market. Their guard was down, they were talking to an academic and telling us things that we never even thought of. It blew me away, and changed our approach to marketing."

Mark Hla - co-founder, Thrivemap