Sales and Marketing Support

Sussex Innovation's team of sales, marketing and communications advisors will help you to keep your customers at the heart of your business decisions. We know that start-ups need their marketing efforts to be simple, cost-effective and efficient, so our facilitated workshops are designed to get straight to the point, providing you with a straightforward branding, positioning, messaging or content strategy. We're also ready to get our hands dirty, working in the business on lead generation, CRM and social media management.

Our Sales and Marketing Team

Sales and Marketing Advisor - Claire Pasquill
Claire Pasquill - Head of Programmes
Claire offers expert coaching and support to help businesses find and target their customers. Claire used to run a successful events business, so she has lots of experience practicing agile customer immersion tactics, working B2B and managing a pipeline. She can support you with:
  • Value Proposition workshops
  • Brand Platform workshops
  • Strategic Mentoring and Reflection

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Sales and Marketing Advisor - Helena Jevons
Helena Jevons - Head of Sales and Marketing
Helena is a strategic marketeer who helps our members to connect with larger organisations and accelerate their growth. Helena has a breadth of experience from working in blue chip FMCGs, to running her own branding and web design business. She can support you with:
  • Access to Customer/Mentors
  • Value Proposition workshops
  • Brand Platform workshops

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PR and Communications Advisor - Joseph Bradfield
Joseph Bradfield - PR & Communications Advisor
Joseph combines his MA in Creative and Critical Writing with his knowledge of maths and science to expertly translate technical ideas into accessible language. He is responsible for all of Sussex Innovation’s communications needs, as well as for many of the companies we serve: his signature white papers that have become the centrepiece of several companies’ communications strategies.
A talented wordsmith with an understated can-do attitude, Joseph is a trusted pair of hands to support innovative companies in all things ‘communications and branding’.

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Our Testimonials

"We brought them in to do branding and messaging. It was cost-saving, incredibly useful, incredibly efficient - it happened within seven days of us asking. It allowed us to reformulate the marketing that we were looking for."

Mark Hla - co-founder, Thrivemap

"Working with Claire has given me a great way of opening up the things I need in order to position the company, work out how we're going to build our website and how we're going to frame our message. Without that support I really would have floundered and barely scratched the surface of it."

John Mustarde - founder, Tangent Energy