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How do you keep the momentum that you had as a start-up?

When you're just starting out, it can feel like your business is growing with every passing day. You find your first customers, hire more people, your revenue keeps climbing. But many businesses hit a brick wall when it comes to scaling further. Once you've reached sustainability, it's very easy for growth to plateau - whatever your ambitions.

At Sussex Innovation, we help you realise your ambitions for rapid growth by supporting you through the growing pains that all businesses experience. This includes areas such as new business strategy, infrastructure, recruitment and establishing new industry relationships. We'll give you the confidence, direction and skills you need to take your business to the next level.

Long term business incubation

Creating conversations

Relationships form a core part of the Director's role in a growing company.  These range from peers through to the media, investors and networks your audience sit in. At Sussex Innovation we help you identify who you should be talking to, who could be talking about you, and how you can make both happen. We've built up trusted networks over 20 years, and when the right opportunity comes along, they're ready and willing to listen to the people we introduce them to.

How do you go from £100k a year to £100k a month?

Our intensive accelerated growth support offers hands-on involvement and close team integration to help your business take this leap to the next level. Strategies we can help with cover the full range of requirements you may have including operational, sales, HR and infrastructure. Our support team have broad and extensive experience across a range of different industries, and we'll call upon the specific skill sets that best apply to your situation.

Practical support for infrastructure

Day to day business requirements can often provide a headache for a rapidly growing company which has yet to establish direct responsibilities for these functions within the business.
At Sussex Innovation we can help you with all aspects of running a business including business services (for example bookkeeping) and recruiting (especially useful for key roles) as well as infrastructure needs such as telephony, internet and utilities.

Gaining funding, and structuring for investment

Accessing funding for growth requires more than a good idea.  Business plans, structured accounts and a clear organisational structure are just a few of the absolutes needed to attract the interest of investors.
At Sussex Innovation we work with you to undertake all the necessary steps in order to maximise the chances of gaining funding.  We will guide on different funding streams available including grants, development funds, crowdfunding and more traditional Venture Capitalists.

Providing an entrepreneurial environment

Choose to grow your business in an entrepreneurial environment that offers a professional image, credibility, a sense of belonging and a stimulating community of likeminded people. Office space contracts are flexible and grow with your business, and our wide range of support services give you the freedom and skills you need to build something exceptional. We've designed our facilities to encourage growth, letting you focus on the business while we handle the logistics.

Member stories

How do you find an investor who'll give you more than just cash?

IRIS Connect's growth benefitted from the insight and guidance of an investor with experience of the education sector.

Matthew Newell, IRIS Connect

How to join

If you think your business is ready to take the next step and would like to become a part of our community, get in touch to discuss your idea and how we can help. Call +44 (0) 1273 704400 and ask to speak to the Support team, or complete our enquiry form to let us know about your idea and receive a call back.