Strategy, Funding and Business Modelling

Sussex Innovation's senior team are highly experienced at thinking creatively about business models, being open minded and spotting opportunities to improve your concept. Maybe you need help bringing strategic insight and focus to your ideas, introductions to industry contacts and expertise, or support with securing investment and grants to take things forward. Whatever route helps you to maximise your business opportunity, we understand the true challenges and pressures of making a disruptive idea successful.

Our Strategy Team

Executive Director - Nigel Lambe
Nigel Lambe - Chief Executive
Nigel leads the team here at Sussex Innovation. He ensures that there are clear objectives and that everyone knows what they're working on to guarantee maximum productivity.
Nigel has a huge amount of knowledge, having experienced the many different sides of the business world. He spent twenty years as a corporate executive and ten years as an entrepreneur building up a series of hospitality businesses. That means he's the best person to come to for help with strategic direction - to raise funding, increase profits and ultimately grow your business.

Outside of work Nigel enjoys spending time with his family, cooking or trying out new bars and restaurants. He recently bought a paddleboard and is enjoying spending time in the sea.

Innovation Support Manager - Peter Lane
Peter Lane - Innovation Support Manager
Pete works closely with the University, providing commercial expertise and acting as a translator between the worlds of academia and business. Before joining Sussex Innovation he built up a successful advertising business over twenty years alongside his siblings.
Pete's favourite thing about working here is the challenge of things constantly changing, growing and no two days being the same. He also loves helping people, and the satisfaction of getting to the end of a project and seeing tangible results from his hard work.
As someone who enjoys building a finished product, Pete rebuilds classic cars in his spare time; he recently finished work on a Mini Cooper. He's also our resident sportsman, and can often be found swimming in the sea or riding his mountain bike. If you need help conceptualising your business idea, he's the person to speak to.

Our Testimonials

"It's like having a team of non-exec directors on your board - to me that's what it was. When you come to Sussex Innovation, they do everything that those non-exec directors are supposed to do."

Mark Bailey - founder, Sciensus

"I'm not a Sussex native, but the Centre has been extremely helpful embedding me in the entrepreneurial network down here... a direct reference led to one of the investors that we now have in the business."

Graeme Cox - co-founder, Emteq